Time to Build China PCB industrial Brand

Today, China has become the world’s first manufacturing power of PCB industry, and it can be said that there is no shortage of PCB manufacturer, nor lack of PCB production volume, but it is still considered to be big but not strong. From the number of PCB factories, according to CPCA statistics, In 2013, there are about 1500 China PCB manufacturers, mainly located in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim region, and the world’s largest proportion.

From the PCB production volume, China is the world’s highest production area, accounting for 40% of global proportions, and output value ranks first in the world for many years. However, referring to China PCB industry, people still think that it is at the low end of production level, both in terms of high-end materials, or instrumentation, equipment manufacturing, has little influence in the world of business, and fewer China PCB manufacturers entering the world top.
Competition among peers is more intense: companies within the industry at high, medium and low levels of high-end there is foreign investment, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the leading minority-owned enterprises, domestic enterprises in the financial and technical weaknesses. It refers to the operation of non-standard low-end small factory, due to the equipment, less investment in environmental protection, but the formation of the cost advantage. Mid-level form manufacturers intensive situation, two attack, the competition is more intense, since 2006 renovation and expansion of a number of manufacturers, the market is difficult to digest quickly, the price war intensified.
An industry concentration may reflect how competitive the industry. At present, the printed circuit board industry many enterprises, low market concentration, reflected the situation is: difficult to expand the scale of production, by the raw material supply constraints, and so on.
PCB manufacturer in the country have not really establish the reputation of well-known brands at home and abroad, partly because of here is a gap for China PCB materials, testing instruments and equipment, product types, parameters performance, accuracy, reliability and stability of similar products comparing with the world-famous brand, it is time for China PCB manufacturers to build a national brand and enlarge the market all over the world.