RF power Device market grow rapid in 2015

RF/microwave is one of the fastest growing segments of the PCB market today, and SysPCB in Shenzhen China Circuits Manufacturing industry is one of the leaders in fabricating of RF/microwave PCBs.

Mobile data consumption and next generation wireless network deployment are fueling increases in the number of base station cells and power amplifiers shipped each year. Revenue from RF power amplifier devices will grow to almost $1 billion in 2015 according to Strategy Analytics.

The Strategy Analytics report also forecasts that MIMO, heterogeneous networks, smaller cells, active antennas, higher-efficiency remote radio heads that support multiple air interfaces and new RF power amplifier (PA) architectures will contribute to rapid growth in the number of power amplifiers and RF power transistors shipping per year. Strategy Analytics analysis estimates that operators will deploy more than 9 million new base station sectors in 2015, with more than 35,000 PAs shipping.

"Developments, such as multi-air interface MCPAs with higher instantaneous bandwidth, remote radio heads and smaller cells, are changing the definition of the base station," noted Christopher Taylor, Director of the Strategy Analytics RF and Wireless Components Service. "These factors, as well as the evolution of radio access network equipment to support increasing mobile data consumption, are driving strong growth in RF power devices." Contact us today if you want to get more information about Microwave/ RF news and technology.