HDI flexible pcb new trends in 2015

According to statistics of PCB industry market research firm NT Information is, driven by a gradual economic upturn, the global PCB output value in 2014 was about 62.102 billion US dollars, the annual growth rate is about 3.5%. In the PCB industry, About 45% of PCB production come from mainland China, the main product types to standard multilayer FR4 PCB, and there is rapid expansion towards the HDI boards, flexible circuit boards, Besides South Korea, Taiwan and Japan also important production bases of PCB.
In a general view, flexible circuit boards and high-density interconnection boards (HDI) are two champion of growth in PCB market recent years.
In today's market trend, big electronics brands are all in researching wearable electronics, bring the flexible circuit board manufacturers plenty of business opportunities; on the other hand, as the level of electronics using in cars increase continually, flexible circuit board for car using is also showing a rising trend. And in promoting the 4G mobile communication terminal replacement trends, a group of leading manufacturers of high-end HDI board have been actively expanding production capacity to meet rapidly rising demand.