New material for flexible PCB

Flexible copper-clad laminated composites are constructed of Kaneka Apical, Dupont Kapton and Taimid polyimide film with copper foil on one or both sides, bonded together with a proprietary C-staged modified epoxy adhesive. All copper-clad laminates are available with rolled, annealed copper or electro-deposited copper. In addition, both types are available with double treated copper (nodules of electro- deposited copper on both sides of the copper foil). Double-treated copper, if used, eliminates surface preparation steps prior to resist or cover layer lamination.

Flexible laminated composites are typically used to produce high reliability, high density circuitry of flexible, rigid-flex, and all-flexible multilayer constructions.

It use Epoxy-NBR to combine the PI(polyimide) and copper sheet, and is now a base material for manufacturing single side, double side, multilayer FPC, and also for rigid-flexible PCB.