Express PCB Manufacturer

As many of the world's electronic mass-produce chain moved to China, China now has the world's first PCB production value. The main production in China is personal computers and digital home appliances and mostly low-end electronic products. Therefore, PCBs are concentrated in the old-fashioned low-end products, with low tech, such as multi-layer rigid substrate, the proportion accounted for half of the overall product each year, higher than in other developed regions.

However, with the development of Chinese and the rapid growth of Chinese PCB manufacturers, the mode of operation of China PCB industry began to change. With the diversification and Rapid replacement of electronic products, the product of small amount and customization get promoted. China express PCB manufacturers such as SYSPCB are also actively responding to this trend, Aim at the market competition. For example, a one-stop service for express PCB and PCBA, there are many turn-key electronics supplier located in Shenzhen, give it competitive price and full supply chain.

With one-stop service of express PCB and PCBA, it enables small amount of PCB manufacturing. It rationalizes the process and reduces the customer's express PCB labor costs, suitable for high-speed PCB production of sample PCB, especially for electronic hardware developers. However, the small amount of production should be use of production capacity within the express PCB Company, so a lot of the products should be entrusted to other companies, the cost of conversion will have production lines in the concentrated area like Shenzhen China. In the one-stop service, the customer quantity, content is also very rich.

Therefore, business management of PCB manufacturers is getting harder and harder. SYSPCB already developed the one-stop service for more than 2 years, appling to a small variety of products as the goal.

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