Demands of mobile boards become weakness

The global prosperity is exhausted, the midseason of Christmas isn’t expected, semiconductor people delay to place orders in order to control inventory. The people of PCBs express that the orders were shrank rapidly since October, clients generally demand to delay shipment, the prosperity of PCBs were gloomy in season four, some NB enterprises which were seen well were also gloomy in season four, for example, HannstarBoard, GCE and Tripod Technology and so on. They all transfer decline from fair and growth, its range was about 5-10%.
The prosperity of season four was inferior to expectation, so the orders of PCBs were not so well. Under the tempest of Netbook rising and DT on the desk which was replaced by traditional NB, the achievement of PCBs’ manufacturers was much better than other PCBs’ manufacturers. But owing to the prosperity effect, manufacturers decline the season four of their expectation. Besides, the capacity utilization rate of parts of PCBs factories approached 60% and even stopped work without orders. Some PCBs’ manufacturers hadn’t CCL goods at all. The demand of EMS memory and panel was weakness, it was no surprise that the orders of photovoltaic board reduced 20% in season four.
The demand of the continental mobile was not bad in the part of mobile boards. But in the part of the international mobile, the orders of other Nokia and Samsung Electronics declined generally excepting that the orders of Motolora had rush orders in season three and four. But then, business community pointed that the order of Motolora will reduce since November, and indicated that the achievement of mobiles’ business community will decline weakness since November.
Tripod pointed that clients reduced orders since at the end of October, clients reduced inventory and shortened the time of placing orders. Tripod expected that the operation of single cropping would decline and the capacity utilization rate of single cropping declined to 80% from 85% in last season. Legal person preestimated that customer revenue in season four was about 5%. Tripod pointed the demand of NB board and HDI would decline in season four. Besides, Tripod opened the active measures of receiving orders including freezing capital expenditure and the control of person, that is to say, to seek lower materials, to reduce cost and reduce price in order to get orders from clients and get through the difficulty.
GCE showed that the demands become weak after the middle ten days of October. Customer revenue in season four was likely to enlarge to 10% under the present situation.
HannstarBoard showed that the demands become weak after the end of Oct. The time of the receiving orders changed from four week into three week. Legal person preestimated that season four would decline about 10% than the season three.
Under the global economic recession, the clients of NB declined shipment rate adding the higher inventory of mobile, so it need adjust actively inventory, the shipment condition of season four was lower than the expectation. It also indicated that the condition of season first in 2016 would continue to hang over a cloud, PCBs’ manufacturers expected it could reach bottom in February, the capacity utilization rate was likely to reach 50% at that time.