PCB material supplier of high-frequency active layout of the front-end

At present, mainland China has the world's largest printed circuit board production base, as of the end of 2006 GDP reached 12,800,000,000 U.S. dollars and is expected to mainland China in 2008 the PCB shipments will account for one-third of the world's total output of one. At the same time, benefit from the lower end product demand rapid growth, China is also the structure of the PCB industry toward a higher technological content and direction. American Electronics Industry Association link Dennis P. McGuirk said: "China is no longer just a low-cost production, she is a high standard of small-scale manufacture of circuit boards and the leadership of the world's HDI PCB manufacturing." See that this is the huge market potential in recent years, the world's leading high-frequency circuit board materials suppliers such as Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, GIL, Isola, as well as Japan, Asaki, Hitachi Chemical, and so on have started the layout of the chinese market, and actively involved in front-end equipment design, with a view to greater market access to "the right to speak."

A few days ago is held in Shenzhen in 2007 International Printed Circuit & Electronics Assembly Fair (HKPCA & IPC Show), the United States Rogers (Rogers)'s advanced circuit board materials market development manager for Asia, Liu Heng said: "The global manufacturing industry is toward Asia China in particular regions, many of our international customers will be high-frequency microwave equipment manufacturing base moved to China and expressed the hope that the nearest we can meet their procurement needs. "It is from the client's promotion to encourage Rogers in 2002 to enter China's market, and in June 2007 to 15,000,000 U.S. dollars of investment in Suzhou to build a high-frequency circuit board materials plant in order to further enhance the supply of local advantages, personal customer service.

U.S. Rogers (Rogers) has a long history of 175 years, but also the world's most important of the three major high-frequency circuit board materials suppliers (the other two are Arlon http://www.arlon-med.com / index.html and Taconic). The company currently has four major product lines, including advanced circuit board materials (high-frequency circuit boards and flexible circuit board materials), a bubble of high-performance, custom electronic components (light-chip backlight, and the bus driver row), as well as other polymer materials, its products are widely used in many electronic products. The exhibition, Rogers's show, including a high-frequency circuit board and flexible board-to-date software products.
Tak Group (Isola) is another market in Asia in recent years, international Fengshengshuiqi PCB materials, and Germany, according to the Joint CCL (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. senior technical services engineer, introduced Wu Jinhui, Isola of the US-based Candler, the Plant is widely distributed in the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other places, is currently extended to China's Suzhou, Dalian and Huizhou.
On the one hand, manufacturers of large-scale international migration, the expansion of the localization of high-frequency PCB procurement needs; On the other hand, with China's development and growth of the electronics industry, the mainland's major telecommunications equipment manufacturers of high-frequency circuit board demand increasing year by year.
Ya-Long Electronic Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in South China Area Sales Manager of winter or in the event of the "International Business" told reporters: "Our high-frequency circuit board material is for base stations, antenna applications such as communications equipment. Besides, we also supply material to the international supplier of high-frequency equipment manufacturers, a lot of local communications companies in China are customers of Arlon, which each accounted for about half.

The company is the American Ya-Long Materials (Arlon) a wholly-owned subsidiary in China, in October 2006 is put into operation to produce two major categories of products, is a class of low-loss high-frequency circuit board materials, can be used in the mobile phone antenna, power station, filter, radar, low-noise amplifier (LNA), RF module and other areas, is another high-temperature products, mainly used in military and aerospace products.
 With the PCB products toward the thin, high-rise, high-frequency, the direction of the evolution of environmental protection, circuit board materials suppliers are also facing a growing number of technical challenges. Liu Heng said, Rogers has been introduced lead-free and halogen-free materials, the PCB series, but also constantly refresh a high Tg, low Dk, low CTE parameters of the indicators. He said: "We in the high-frequency PCB materials in the field of our competitive advantage is obvious in the high-frequency PCB materials, because high-frequency circuit board materials have high technology, our technology is leader in the domestic counterparts at least 30 years. And as a result of these products are subject to strict patent protection, so later, the companies want to enter this area more difficult, a very high threshold. "
 At the same time, circuit board materials supplier has not satisfied with hiding behind the plant on behalf of the PCB, the only passively supporting role, they began to more and more frequent contact with downstream manufacturers, to emphasize its value in the product design. Company Rogers global marketing director John Ritchie pointed out: "The microwave communications market, the board's choice for the back-end equipment, high-frequency performance has great influence on the different effects different from the material. Therefore, equipment manufacturers In the initial design process, it should take into account the material of choice for PCB performance. As a result, we are now and not only cooperation between PCB manufacturers, but also actively involved in front-end design aspects of product design at the beginning of the introduction of our Material. "
 Ya-Long Arlon electronic or winter of the President also said that in addition to the PCB manufacturing firms to equipment manufacturers recommend their products, Ya-Long often take the initiative to contact the manufacturer directly, the PCB on the specific characteristics of the parameters agreed on by both sides to work together to develop high-frequency equipment. He also pointed out that, Arlon's high-frequency PCB material is the biggest advantage of good stability, which for communications equipment, is of particular importance.