ARLON high-frequency material

ARLON is a professional production of high-end electronic materials, BARICO is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange listed company. ARLON is the high-end PCB materials of the most complete product line of one of the company, its history can be traced back to the 50s, then began to develop the production of polyimide, PCB materials such as Teflon. And then continue to develop more varieties of new materials.

The main production base in the United States and California DELEWARE, along with China's rapid development of electronics industry, In 2004, ARLON established the Long Ya Electronic Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established in China finished processing centers, the company will be more effective and efficient for the Chinese customers with products and services. With the finished product processing centers to run effectively and ARLON in China and Asia operations, a new production base in Suzhou started production by the end of 2006.

ARLON products can be divided into two broad categories.

Electronic materials

Including high-reliable polyimide (33N, 35N, 85N), mainly used in the temperature of the environment and demanding the use of the PCB, such as aerospace equipment, control systems, semiconductor test aging, such as oil drilling in the area but also for the very few high-level processing of the PCB. This material has the highest glass transition temperature (Tg250C), and high temperature pyrolysis (Td 380C).

ARLON the THERMOUNT (55NT, 55ST, 55RT) type of material has very good dimensional stability (CTE), suitable for bare-chip package, THMOUNT due to the non-woven fiber properties of resin, which is ideal for high-density laser drilling, plasma-resistant Migration (ANTI-CAF), light weight, the weight applied to the PCB demanding high reliability of electronic products. Substrates such as high-end package, navigation system, ALVIH process, and so on.

ARLON the NO-FLOW (47N, 49N, 99N) series for just scratch combination of heat and cold plate board, in the automotive, high-power are widely used in the field.

ARLON series of thermal conductivity (99N, 99ML) of the material in the LED, power supply is also a very good prospect. In recent years, the development of the material 11N has 220Tg, 310Td, high-speed backplane, the number of mixed-mode microwave communications, semiconductor test products is also a very good prospect of application.

ARLON microwave materials

It is another major category of material, DK2.2 to 10.2.

The pure PTFE with different materials to enhance the (glass cloth, non-woven fiberglass).

CLTE is a ceramic powder filled PTFE, has excellent temperature stability characteristics (DK change with temperature, CTE is also very small), the global satellite communications can be done on the highest level 64. Other ceramic powder filled with a variety of PTFE dielectric for microwave multi-layer printed circuit board processing these products are widely used in cell phones, antennas, base stations of the electronic system, as well as wireless broadband Internet, and so on.

ARLON unique light foam FOAMCLAD dedicated to the base station antenna, RFID applications, low cost, small loss, small surface features.

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