PCB Application

Industrial Electronics

SYS Tech can provide to customers is not only the Circuit Board, but also the full range of services associated with Printed Circuit Boards. As long as our customers need to make every effort to satisfy, such as the Quick Turn PCB, PCB Prototype Service. I can offer within 24 Hours Rapid PCB Production and PCB Engineering problems reply within 2 hours, PCB quotes the fastest four hours, and so on.

Auto Electronics

In the automotive electronics industry, manufacturers are using more advanced electronic technology to design the engine and safety control systems, as well as in the design of navigation, audio system, LED lighting, electronic locks, parking radar system and motor controllers to use Multilayer PCB, High Density PCB, Iron Base PCB, Aluminum Base PCB and other Advanced Circuit to meet customer needs.

SYS Tech has many years experience of cooperation with the automotive electronics manufacturers and design companies, can provide you the Printed Circuit Board in your automotive products.

Digital Products

In the past few years, we produce hundreds of thousands of types of Printed Circuit Boards of digital products. So we are very rich experience, be able to quickly meet your demand for digital products at different times.

Communication Products

Ultra-thin, small, multi-function is the development trend of communications products, leading to the Printed Circuit Board become increasingly demanding. SYS Tech has many years experience in production of Printed Circuit Boards of communication products, that can quickly meet your communications products circuit board special Materials and Special Process requirements. Such as High Frequency PCB, High Temperature PCB (High TG PCB),High Density PCB ( HDI PCB ), Teflon PCB, Gold Plating PCB and other Advanced Circuit.

LED Products

We offer all kinds of LED PCB Product. For High-Power LED of the Aluminum Base PCB, copper base PCB, ceramic base PCB, for low-power LED of the FR4 PCB, High-Temperature PCB. As the Aluminum Base PCB of good thermal performance, High-Power LED products most commonly used Aluminum Base PCB.