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Multilayer PCB

Multilayer board refers to a PCB which has more than three conductive pattern layers and is laminated with insulating materials between them.  With the development of electronic technology to high-speed, multi-function, large capacity and portable low-consumption direction, the application of multi-layer PCB is more and more widely, and its layer number and density are also higher and higher, and the corresponding structure is also increasingly complex. The production of multilayer PCB has become the most important part of the whole PCB industry.  At present, the average number of layers of SysPCB has reached 4~6layers, can up to 28 layers, which has reached a high level in terms of inner layer manufacturing ability and laminating ability. The emergence of multi-layer board technology is a major development of PCB industry, which makes the whole PCB technology advance by leaps and bounds.

High assembly density, small size, and lightweight is the advantage of multilayer PCB. Due to the high assembly density, the circuits between components (including components) is reduced, thereby improving reliability; more layers can be used, thereby increasing design flexibility; could design impedance control circuit; a high-speed transmission circuit can be formed; magnetic circuit shielding layer can be set, and a metal core heat dissipation layer can also be set to meet the needs of special functions such as shielding and heat dissipation; simple installation and high reliability.

The manufacturing of high-layer, high-difficulty, special materials, special process circuit boards, which has always been our characteristics, the continuous improvement of high-multi-layer circuit board manufacturing process as our goal.

Every year we invest a lot of human resources and material resources in production equipment and process research and development and try our best to catch up with the development of cutting-edge circuit board manufacturing technology.

Stand Process Flow for Multilayer PCB: /uploadfile/upload/file/20210402/20210402093603_79057.pdf