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    Few tips for PCB panelization after PCB layout finished

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    after drawing the circuit board, in order to meet the production line tooling size of the PCB manufacturer, the PCB boards need to be paneled, especially the small-sized boards

    What does the inside of a multilayer PCB look like

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    The 3D large picture analyzes the design process of high-end PCB boards, internal structure images of multilayer PCB, and use tridimensional graphics to show the internal structure of PCB with various laminated structures.

    The details that should be paid attention to when designing PCB silkscreen

    Categories: PCB design tips


    For a professional hardware engineer, silkscreen design details must be attached attention to. Here's how to do the PCB silkscreen graciously.

    3 PCB Design EDA

    Categories: PCB design tips


    China PCB manufacturer introduce three kinds of software with high popularity rate at present: PADS, Altium Designer (AD), and Cadence allegro.

    How to Generate Gerber file from Altium Designer

    Categories: PCB design tips


    Many manufacturers require that the PCB design files be converted to Gerber format. The following describes how to generate Gerber files and NC Drill files under Altium designer 10.

    15 points for attention in PCB design

    Categories: PCB design tips


    In this article China PCB manufacturer SYS Technology sorted out some details that need to pay attention to in PCB Layout

    Electronic Component Packaging Knowledge

    Categories: PCB design tips


    Electronic Component Packaging Knowledge, how to choose Component Packaging for PCB design

    Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB surface treatment

    Categories: PCB design tips


    Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB surface treatment, what is better surface finish for PCB