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    A reliable PCB Supplier is very essential

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    When pricing your product you are walking on a knifes edge: too high and you can’t launch, too low and you risk imploding. Get this risk off today, start business with Shenzhen China PCB manufacturer- SysPCB.

    DIY simple PCB by yourself is easy

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    Designing a Printed Circuit Board or PCB requires special skills and a lot of patience. However, one does not necessarily need to get special training for that since most PCB layout software comes with tutorials and step-by-step examples that can be used to learn the basics.

    Structure and feature of Aluminum PCB

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    Al PCB is widely used in LED, air conditioning, auto cars, electrical ovens, electronic, lights, high power module and so on.

    Always moving to lower cost and fast delivery in electronics market

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    Now that you have a prototype board, you must assemble it or contract with an assembly house to do so. During your career, you should endeavor to send out at least one prototype board to a fab and have a contract manufacturer build it.

    Fast view of electronic part- PCB

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    A printed circuit board or pcb, is a plate or pcb board used for placing the different elements that conform an electrical circuit that contains the electrical interconnections between them.

    Circuit board process mainly divided in to 7 steps

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    Basic production processes of PCB circuit board, can be divided into seven steps. Below is a brief introducing from SysPCB, Shenzhen China PCB manufacturer.

    Generate Gerber file from Eagle and start prototyping

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    A Gerber file for each section of your electronic circuit design is what you need if you want to create a PCB. Below is how to create the files you need for a 2-layer board using Cadsoft Eagle.

    Testings from PCB to PCBA

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    To complete the printed circuit board testing requirements, PCB process equipments suppliers from China or abroad has produced all kinds of testing equipment.