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    defect of PCBA manufacturing

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    Defect of PCBA manufacturing, 38 defect of PCBA products, PCBA defects introduction

    Tips of Schematic design

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    Although there is no guarantee, a good layout starts with a good schematic. Be thoughtful and generous when drawing a schematic, and think about signal flow through the circuit.

    PCB Silkscreen layer introduction

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    It is often necessary to print text and place other small printed idents onto a PCB. This can help in identifying the board, and also in marking component locations to aid in fault finding, etc.

    Thailand PCB industry is growing

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    Thailand is not the first country that comes to mind when you think of rising high-tech players but the reality is that increasingly Thailand is becoming a big player in high tech.

    Tips to produce the correct PCB

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    Printed circuit boards provide a base to electronic equipment, are made of insulating material and copper foil (typically a surface finishing with gold or tin). Copper is on one side or sometimes, on both sides of the surface.

    Surface mounting compare to Through hole mounting

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    There are 2 main phases in PCB assembly: automated SMT assembly and manual through-hole assembly. SMT is a relatively newer and modern technique of making circuit boards which simplified the PCB manufacturing industry.

    Taiwan PCB exporting continued four months of negative growth

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    Domestic electronics industry of China keep expand of high tech PCB process capacity, including HDI and multilayer aluminum PCB, It is noticed imports capital of equipment in last year amounted to $ 4.09 billion, a third high record over the recently years.

    Regulation of lead-free materials

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    take solder wire for example, if solder wire with lead-tin ingredients was mistakenly added to pure tin bath, it can lead to disastrous consequences.