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    5 database need for SMT process

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Electronic products with chip components need to pass SMT process, how do you edit the placement machine before PCBA processing

    Function of three-terminal capacitor

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    there is a type of capacitor with three terminals called a three-terminal capacitor. It has better characteristics than general two-terminal capacitors at high frequencies.

    Introduction of PCB OSP surface treatment

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    OSP means organic copper surface protector, Advantages, disadvantages and applications of OSP process.

    Method of inspecting the quality of SMT by step

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The quality inspection of SMT products is indispensable. Good process control can be achieved and the yield of products can also be improved.

    How to find the short point between VCC and GND

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    You may often encounter a short circuit between VCC and GND. There are too many VCC and GND points on the board, and you may feel that don't know where to find the short point. Here are a few methods for your reference.

    Difference between 850nm and 940nm infrared LED

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The infrared LED lights on the market are also called infrared emitting beads or infrared lamps. The wavelengths are mainly 850nm and 940nm. What is the difference between 850nm and 940nm infrared LED

    Component layout of PCB SMT DFM

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    China PCB manufacturer SYS Tech introduce DFM for PCB to reduce defect ratio reflow soldering, wave soldering

    Pad shape influence on the strength and reliability of the soldering joints

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The application of chip components in electronic products has been further popularized, the shape of the pad on PCB has an important influence on the strength and reliability of the soldering joints.