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    Difference between ENIG and plating gold PCB

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    PCB with plating gold surface 1. solderability: plating gold solderability is equal to OSP pcb, while ENIG PCB is equal to HAL PCB, HAL solderability is the best among all surface finishing of PCB. 2 Gold Thickness, plating gold surface thickness is much thicker than ENIG PCB, but pad flatness is not as good as ENIG finishing. 3. Plating gold is normally suit for gold finger, some times also plating gold to solder pad.

    Factors that affect prototype PCB price

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    Due to various factors that affect PCB price, many electronics manufacturers purchaser find it hard to make full understand of PCB price calculation, Some sales man newly joined the PCB industry do not know the price structure of PCB are also difficult to quote a reasonalbe price. Shenzhen China PCB manufacturer SysPCB here give some brief explains.

    Why is SMT technology so popular

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    Printed circuit boards are installed in every device manufactured by electronics industry. Several components are placed on PCB’s so that an electronic device or a gadget can work properly. Different ways are used to design a printed circuit board.

    3 Methods of DIY PCB

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    1. Artwork --- (by Protel or other relevant PCB layout software, then print the layout to a photo paper or film) 2. Exposing --- (using table lamp or exposure light to transfer the image to photosensitive mask or film on circuit board) 3. Imaging--- (using a etching solution, the exposed photosensitive film will be washed away, leaving the artwork of line and pads) 4. Etching --- (wash away bare copper foil we don’t need, leaving copper foil covered by mask we need)

    Tips of components Placement on PCB design

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    In finished PCBA, Electronic surface mount components are attached directly to the printed circuit board (PCB). They are also known as SMT components (surface mount technology) or SMD (surface mount devices).

    Tips of PCB Layout

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    PCB design is as much a skill as it is an art, and hopefully these tips and tricks will help save you time and money in your DIY projects.

    Peelable solder mask PCB manufacturing

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    Peelable solder mask is not a popular surface treatment in today’s PCB. But we can still see it from time to time. Its main feature is after passing specific process, can be easily peeled off by hands or tools, with out residues on the PCB.

    PCBA aging test specifications of SYS Tech

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    Professional PCBA manufacturing plants like SYS Technology have strict aging test specifications.