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    Why do we need to introduce so many subdivided GND

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    Why do we need to introduce so many subdivided GND functions? If in the circuit system, the circuit ground of different functions are connected together, it is equivalent to increasing a link of interference between the circuits.

    Difference between immersion gold boards and gold plating boards

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Immersion gold PCB and gold-plated PCB are processes often used in PCB circuit boards manufacturing. The difference between immersion gold PCB and gold-plated PCB

    Aluminum PCB structure

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    LED lights generally use a single-sided aluminum substrate, the circuit layer is mounted with the LED, and the aluminum base surface on the back can be in good contact with the radiator to dissipate the heat.

    Classification of different GND in circuit

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    What is the nature of the ground in the circuit? During the PCB Layout process, engineers will face different GND treatments. Engineers generally introduce different ground as 0V reference points for different functional circuits to form different current loops.

    Why PCB baking is necessary during manufacturing process

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The purpose of baking PCB during manufacturing process is for dehumidification and reduce internal stress, how is the PCB baking conditions.

    The handle and precautions of OSP board in SMT process

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    How to handle OSP PCB board in SMT process, OSP PCB board SMT mounting precautions, settings of OSP PCB during PCBA mounting

    How is to choose capacitors for filter decoupling

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Capacitors selection in PCB design, ESR affects the ripple of the power supply, and ESL affects the filter frequency characteristics of the capacitor.

    How to choose filter capacitor for switching power supply

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The filter capacitor plays a very important role in the switching power supply. How to choose the filter capacitor correctly, especially the choice of the output filter capacitor, is a problem that every engineering and technical personnel is very concerned about.