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    What information is required for SMT processing at PCBA factory?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    In SMT processing, when evaluating and quoting, 5 information needed in SMT processing, what is need for PCB assembly process

    Skills of using 0ohm resistor in PCB design

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    In the circuit board design, we can often see two points connected by 0 ohm resistor. The summary of the functions of zero ohm resistor can include the following

    How to select a PCBA manufacturer

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    How to select a PCBA manufacturer that is qualified and suitable, when we select PCBA processing manufacturers, we must pay attention to the following tips, How to select a PCBA processing manufacturer

    SMT processing solder joint quality inspection

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    How to ensure the quality of solder joints has become an important issue for high-precision PCBA products. SMT processing appearance inspection content. How to judge the quality of SMT welding

    Characteristics difference between immersion gold PCB and gold plating PCB

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Difference between immersion gold PCB and gold plating PCB, why PCB use gold surface, Other shortcomings of gold-plated board and immersion gold board

    Common malfunctions of Circuit Board Caused by Moisture

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    When manufacturing PCB boards, there are often some common malfunctions of circuit boards caused by moisture. The changes of circuit parameter, the short of boards and the circuit-break at the time of signals handling all result in circuit boards malfunctions.

    A Few Rules about PCB Panelization

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    PCB panelization is to panel multiple PCBs together in a certain arrangement to facilitate SMT and improve welding efficiency. Why panelization is needed, How many ways of panelization design?

    Compare of multi-layer PCB with single/double layer PCB

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    What are the disadvantages of multi-layer PCB circuit boards? Why is it used less compared to single/double layer circuit board? Here, the China PCB manufacturer SYS Tech will tell you the reasons.