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    The meaning of layers in PCB

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    What is meaning of PCB layer name, how to learn PCB layer name stands for

    Is PCBA Manufacturing fee a standard for judge electronic manufacturing factories

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    If you want to find an honest electronic manufacturing factory, the most direct way is to visit the factory, and then judge from the PCBA Manufacturing fee to determine the quality of the electronic manufacturing factory.

    How to DIY PCB and soldering

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    PCB also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, it is the support of other electronic components, provider electrical connections for electronic components. Because it is made from printing technology, it is called "print" circuit board.

    Long-time storage components may cause cold soldering during SMT

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    two reasons for the cold soldering. One is improper process setting during the SMT process, the other is that the electronic components themselves are defective.

    Vias treatment in PCB manufacturing

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    Vias Not Covered If vias are not covered, they are exposed and the surface finish is applied to via barrel. This is standard process in printed circuit board fabrication.

    Counterbore and Countersink Hole in PCB

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    today we will introduce Countersink and Counterbore hole in PCB.

    Four factors affect Rigid PCB price

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    For PCB designers and Cam engineers, conservation is mostly concern PCB manufacturing time, cost and even effort. SysPCB Shenzhen China PCB manufacturer strives to provide customers high-quality PCBs and excellent service.

    Control of FPC SMT

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    Although SMT Technology is mature for rigid Printed circuit board, however, many problem may be faced during FPC SMT.