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    PCBA Manufacturers Temperature and Humidity Sensitive Components Management

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The management of temperature and humidity sensitive components is relatively important in the storage and processing, which will directly affect the quality of PCBA products.

    Why choose Shenzhen SMT processing factory?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Whether choosing a SMT plant in Shenzhen has any real advantages compared to finding suppliers in other regions that may have a price advantage. Below is a detailed reference guide for your subsequent selection of PCBA manufacturers in China

    How long does it take to calculate the quotation for PCBA manufacturing?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    PCBA is a general name for PCB Assembly in China, how long it will take for the quotation of PCBA processing? We need to start from which procedures are included in PCBA manufacturing.

    Introduction of PCB design clearance requirements

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    We will encounter various safety spacing issues in ordinary PCB design, such as the clearance between vias and pads, and the clearance between traces and traces, In PCB design, we divide these spacing into two categories: Electrical safety clearance, Non-electrical safety clearance

    Explanation of BOM, DIP, SMT, SMD

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Do you know which is BOM, DIP, SMT, SMD means is PCBA producing process? Today, China PCBA factory SYS Technology will explain for you.

    Introduction of the process of PCBA prototype

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Many electronic design engineers need to conduct sample testing after designed a product. Do you know a complete set of PCBA sample procedures? Today, SMT processing factory SYS Technology will explain some things about sample processing for you:

    How to prevent pseudo soldering or cold soldering defects in PCBA manufacturing?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The problem of pseudo soldering and cold soldering defects in PCBA soldering processing is caused by many reasons, in the PCBA production process, specific prevention can be done in the following ways.

    Factors that affect the Price of FPCB

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    What factors affect the price of FPC? 9 factors that affect price of FPCB. FPC price structure.