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    Common mistakes in PCBA files

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    To avoid discrepancies and poor work output due to wrong designs, we recommend that double-check your order to prevent delays due to holding in the assembly stage, sometimes, communication takes time and customer may need it urgently.

    Catching DFM problems during PCB design

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    DFM From the narrow meaning is: to make the design more suitable for production requirements, it requires us to design with fully consider in the case of production, so that the design can be produced out.

    Configuration requirements of SMT line

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    Workstations involved in a typical SMT production line, include solder paste printing machine, pick and place machine, reflow oven etc.

    Why is green color soldermask common?

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    Solder mask, also known as "solder resist" is a strong, permanent layer of semi-transparent polymer that protects copper traces and the interfaces between them on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

    Few PCB Design tips

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    There is no such thing as a standard printed circuit board. Each board has a unique function for a particular product and must be designed to perform that function in the space allotted. Board designers use computer-aided design systems with special software to layout the circuit pattern on the board.

    Use HDI technology to produce smaller PCB

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    High-density interconnect (HDI) technology allows printed circuit board(PCB) designers to increase routing density, reduce layer count, and improve the thermal and electrical characteristics of their board designs.

    PCBA sample manufacturing procedures

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    PCBA sample manufacturing requires the cooperation of the electronic manufacturing factory and the customer, understand the PCBA sample process.

    The relationship and difference between EMS and PCBA

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    The PCBA process is actually an integral part of EMS. EMS requires a high technical foundation.