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    PCB price calculation description

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    China PCB Industry basically has the following several ways to calculate 1. Calculated price according to the size (applicable for small batch)

    How to prevent bow and twist during reflow oven process?

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    1. Reduce internal stress by the effect of temperature changing.

    Broader range of PCB applications

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    Since 2010, with the full recovery of the global electronic information industry, PCB overall demand growth, especially in the high-end product demand increased significantly, which is the domestic PCB manufacturer, especially the financial crisis experienced manufacturer of high quality test provides a broad space for development.

    China PCB industry’s new challenge

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    According to the recent reports of Time magazine, China and India are the most world’s most polluted countries.

    LED industry promotion in Guangdong province

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    Lighting the economy to pick up further confirmation. Policy, governments around the clear LED lighting outreach program, is expected to be 13 years, Guangdong LED lights installed capacity will increase to 1.1 million.

    10 important features of high reliability circuit boards

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    Whether in the manufacturing and assembly process of PCB or in actual use, PCB should have a reliable performance, it is crucial.

    Germany PCB plant Enzmann close its small batch PCB plant

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    In order to ensure the future development, the company will be transformed into pure PCB dealer.

    PCB glossary T-Z

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    PCB Glossary starting with T TAB: Tape Automated Bonding.