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    What Are the Differences Between PCB Paste Mask and Solder Mask?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The role of solder mask and paste mask, the differences between PCB paste mask and solder mask

    How PCBA Is Packaged and Shipped

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    PCBA must be packaged and shipped according to certain transportation and packaging requirements. China PCBA factory will introduce to you today.

    How long can PCBA finished products be stored?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Under normal circumstances, the preservation period of PCBA is 2~10 years. China PCBA Manufacturer SYS Tech will bring you the factors affecting the preservation cycle of PCBA finished boards.

    What Are the Differences and Relations Between PCB, PCBA, and SMT?

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    "PCB is a board, SMT is a technology, PCBA is a process/finished product". On a PCB bare board, after carrying out SMT pick and place (or DIP plug-in), the finished product can be called PCBA

    PCB Baking Specifications

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The specific storage time and baking temperature of the PCB are not only related to the production capability and production craft of the PCB manufacturer, but also have a great relationship with the region.

    PCB "Solder Mask Tenting" and "Solder Mask Opening"

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Regarding the point of "Via solder mask opening" and "Via solder mask tenting" which option should I choose for my file? Now the description of this problem is provide by China PCB manufacturer SYS Tech as follows:

    Five reasons for PCB deformation and six solutions

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    PCB board deformation is a very troublesome thing for many PCB assembly factories. China PCB manufacturer SYS Technology will share with you some reasons and solutions for PCB board deformation.

    Importance of first article inspection of PCBA board

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    The first article inspection of PCBA board is very important and must be paid attention to. As PCBA manufacturers, the first article inspection is of great significance.