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    For power filter, the more capacitors, the better?

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    When designing PCB, in order to stabilize the power supply, capacitors should be used. How many should be used? And what is the capacitance value?

    What does PCBA programming mean?

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    During PCBA processing, we need to program the PCBA. The current programming methods are generally divided into offline programming and online programming.

    Content of PCB incoming testing

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    The content of PCB incoming inspection includes PCB size and appearance inspection, PCB warpage and twist inspection, PCB solderability test, PCB solder mask integrality test, PCB internal defect inspection.

    What conditions must be met for PCB circuit board soldering?

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    Soldering is the most important process in PCB circuit board manufacturing, and it plays a decisive role in the quality of the circuit board. What conditions must be met for PCB circuit board soldering?

    What is Blind via and Buried via

    Categories: PCB Knowledge


    Blind via and buried via is new PCB manufacturing technology, China PCB manufacturer SYS Tech will introduce as below.

    PCBA Manufacturers Temperature and Humidity Sensitive Components Management

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    The management of temperature and humidity sensitive components is relatively important in the storage and processing, which will directly affect the quality of PCBA products.

    Why choose Shenzhen SMT processing factory?

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    Whether choosing a SMT plant in Shenzhen has any real advantages compared to finding suppliers in other regions that may have a price advantage. Below is a detailed reference guide for your subsequent selection of PCBA manufacturers in China

    How long does it take to calculate the quotation for PCBA manufacturing?

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    PCBA is a general name for PCB Assembly in China, how long it will take for the quotation of PCBA processing? We need to start from which procedures are included in PCBA manufacturing.