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    Tips in Board edge design- routing &V-cut

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    Rout Rules: When specifying a board edge, please ensure that if you are designing in Autotrax, Circuit Maker or Protel that the board edge is defined in Mechanical 1 layer.

    Industrial robots advantages in the PCB industry

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    PCB industry is a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, but it is still a labor-intensive industries, a large number of automation equipment is required manual processes and pipeline operations, a medium-sized PCB enterprise have thousands of employees.

    ENEPIG surface treatment

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    The evolution of technology manufacturing is always moving towards a higher level of complexity. Newer designs have to be lighter, faster and smaller to win more business.

    Grade of FR4 CCL

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    FR-4 A1 level CCL This level is mainly used in military industry, communications application, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products.

    SMT Machine for LED beads

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    Lighting the economy, Policy, governments around the LED lighting outreach program, Guangdong LED lights installed capacity will increase to 1.1 million, over the planning have been introduced.

    Choose a right PCB assembler

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    There are 2 main phases to PCB assembly: automated SMT assembly and manual through-hole assembly.

    Factors affect CCL quality

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    Main factors affect PCB laminate quality are glass transition temperature Tg, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), PCB decomposition temperature Td, heat resistance, electricity conduction and PCB water absorption.

    PCB structure and development

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    Design of PCB originated in the 1980s. PCB structure include three parts, they consist of an insulator, usually fiberglass, with threads of conductive material acting as wires on the base of the board.