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    Shenzhen to be the World’s PCB trading center

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    The output value of China’s PCB exceeded Japan in 2006, ranking the world’s top in output value.

    2015 Q3 Taiwan PCB production value released by TPCA

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    TPCA noted that in 2015 the global economic recovery is not as strong as expected. US economic growth forecast has been revised, volatility of the mainland stock market, growth cooling on BRICs, etc. also affect the economic situation in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

    Moving in to inland regions, PCB industry pattern is changing in China

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    As China and the world's largest and most complete PCB industrial chain, the Pearl River Delta region accounted for half of China PCB production output.

    Challenge of PCB from Wearable electronics

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    Wearables demand a high degree of reliability, which becomes an issue when the PCB designer is confronted with the choice of using FR4, which is the most cost-effective PCB fabrication material, or a more advanced, more expensive material.

    Innovation in PCB manufacturing technology

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    Innovation of printed circuit boards, the first is that PCB product and market innovation.

    Chinese PCB industry growth trend

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    As the main PCB enterprises established production plant in China, China has become the world's largest supplier of PCB.

    2014 Global PCB output reach $60.2 Billion

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    The estimation of 2014 PCB production value is Based on 30 countries and regions, with nine product respective categories.

    Flexible PCB grow fast in Japan PCB industry

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    In total January to July of 2015, PCB production in Japan, the growth is 0.6 percent compared with last year, reach 7.775 million square meters, sales volume growth of 8.2 percent to 2,957.21 billion yen.