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    High end PCB is popular in recent years

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    Samsung Securities is optimistic about the development of flip chip packaging and it said that Taiwan’s PCB manufacturer Kinsus possesses great advantage in this field. It also pointed out that if Kinsus can catch more orders from Apple Inc, its target share price will increase significantly.

    Nippon Mektron FPCB manufacturing supported Orbotech

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    "flexibility" of PCB production, is necessary to adapt to the rapid development of the mobile phone market.

    Production capacity expanding raise PCB market concern

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    Famous Taiwanese PCB manufacturers pay particular attention to the driving effect of the sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but Apple’s sales have shown a sign of decrease since last year.

    Choice for location of fiber glass factories

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    As the whole market is optimistic about the future demand for tablet PCs and smart phones, it is beneficial for the PCB industry.

    Fast development in East and South Asia PCB industry

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    the investment scale of America and European countries in PCB industry will be further reduced, and the essential position of Asian countries in the production of the world’s PCB will be strengthened. And mainland China will continue to be one of the development centers of PCB industry.

    Technical gap between Mainland China and Taiwan PCB industry

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    It is generally believe that Taiwan is one of the world's top PCB develop and manufacturing area, most of Taiwan’s top PCB enterprises have factories in mainland China.

    Deficiencies of small and medium China domestic PCB enterprises

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    PCB raw materials business is still very weak in China, some special material like Arlon, Rogers are US brand, high quality material may need imported form Taiwan, Japan, Korea.

    Taiwan PCB enterprises into automotive PCB industry

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    Automotive electronic applications is a big emerging market for PCB enterprises, At present, Taiwan’s Chin-Poon becomes the largest automotive PCB maker in Taiwan, and Unimicron and Tripod are also trying to enter this field.