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    Russia will Spurn AMD, Intel for Locally-Made Processors

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    In place of current chips, there is speculation that the Russian government will begin using ARM chips — usually used within mobile devices — to power a new fleet of Linux-based computers.

    Japan PCB industry 5months decline in 2016

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    Cumulative 2016 - Japan PCB production over the same period last year fell 6.9% to 4.444 million square meters during January to April, sales volume fell 7.8% to 1,532.34 one hundred million yen.

    Korean PCB industry in 2015&2016

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    As the Chinese PCB production increased, Korea PCB output of single / double PCB production reduced yearly.

    Current challenges and opportunities of PCB chemicals

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    PCB performance, stability, and its production are closely related to the chemicals used.

    Taiwanese PCB industry grow slowly in 2016

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    Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) together with Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), published a printed circuit board (PCB) Industry Report for first quarter 2016.

    HDI and FPC enable IoT

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    Beginning in the 1980s, the electronics industry began the early days of transition from pin-in-hole wave soldering to surface mounting of increasingly complex semiconductor packages.

    PCB factories are moving out from Shenzhen

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    It is said that there are more than 500 PCB enterprises located in Shenzhen, and most of them are small and medium companies. But in recent two years, the increasing environment standard makes it harder for the PCB factories to remain in Shenzhen.

    Latest PCB industry China

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    In China prices of PCB raw materials continue to rise, as is the capacity for better environment protection and energy saving.