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    HDI and FPC growth fast in hot season

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    Analysts said that driven by the fast development of smart phones and tablet PCs, high density interconnection and FPC would have the busiest season in the second half of this year.

    Japanese PCB industry consecutive 8months decline

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    Cumulative 2016 Jan to Jul, PCB production output in Japan fell 7.6% from a year earlier to 7.91 million square meters, sales volume fell 10.1% to 265.953 billion yen.

    AOI application in electronic manufacturing service

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    The inevitable trend of AOI testing equipment to replace labor will become more and more obvious, which will generate a lot of market space.

    Parts placement precautions of double side reflow PCB

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    Currently circuit board assembly industry’s main technology is reflow soldering, of course, there are other additional circuit board welding method. Reflow soldering can be divided into single-side reflow and double-side reflow.

    Analysis and improve of open defect in PCB

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    PCB (FR4 epoxy printed circuit board) open/short defect is problem encountered almost every day to each PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturer. Major PCB manufacturers have been plagued by it in production, quality management.

    PCB panelization method

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    PCB size is determined according to the size of the overall structure of the machine case. PCB size and shape should be suitable for PCB manufacturing lines, applicable size of surface assembly machine and reflow oven operating width.

    CCL and PCB price expected to increase

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    PCB industry total output is stable in China, there are niche opportunities in auto PCB market. New energy automotive batteries BMS are based on PCB hardware, currently each luxury car use about 2-3㎡PCB, each new energy vehicles use about 2-2.5㎡PCB.

    FPC new trend and application

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    With the downstream consumer electronics products demand growing, 2000-2014, the global FPC output value increased from $ 4.2 billion to $ 11.476 billion.