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    What will happen to the PCB industry in 2019?

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    For 2019, the PCB industry's optimism over the past few months is now much more conservative

    2018 PCB Development Focus

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    2018 PCB Development Focus, Environmental pressure is the basic premise for Shenzhen China PCB companies to survive

    PCBA circuit board Industry Recent Situation

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    Since 2017, the overall PCB industry has picked up, and the supply demand of the industrial chain has undergone profound changes. We think the current PCB industry is in a new round of prosperous business cycle

    2020 China SMT industry development situation

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    The situation of the China SMT pick and place machine industry. China is now a global electronics manufacturing and processing center.

    Evolution of THT plug-in process and SMT process

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    China's SMT technology has been developed for more than 30 years. It is the world's largest and most important SMT market. SMT will inevitably advance with the times, and it will continue to achieve rapid development for a long time in the future.

    2015 PCB market grow slowly

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    According to "Global PCB Production Report 2015", the global PCB output value reached US $58.6 billion in 2015, compare to 2014 dropped 2.7%. considering exchange rate and price changes, actual growth of PCB output is 2.0% in 2015.

    Copper foil price rise 30% in few months

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    According to feedback from copper foil manufacturers, copper foil for lithium ion battery and copper foil for circuit board has been unable to be purchased even with cash, some companies carry cash to upstream factories to "rob" copper foil.

    PCB factories facing upstream price rising

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    Followed Kingboard CCL price increasement, Nanya, ITEQ, EMC etc. copper clad laminate manufacturers also issued notice of price increasing in mid-August. Later, copper foil industry set off a wave of price increases, large and small CCL manufacturers all increase their prices.