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    3W principle in PCB design

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    In order to reduce the crosstalk between the lines in the PCB design, the line spacing should be large enough. When the line center spacing is not less than 3 times the line width, most of the electric fields can be kept from interfering with each other. This is the 3W principle.

    China's PCB output value will increase 2022

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    After years of accumulation, the domestic PCB industry has gradually matured. As a major production area for single-layer and multi-layer PCBs, mainland China is further extending to the mid-to-high-end market.

    PCB equipment business prospects are promising

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    The operating results of the first quarter of the printed circuit board industry were released one after another. Due to various factors such as trade war interference, global downturn, customer stock up conservative, and lunar calendar holiday, and in addition to the traditional electronics industry off-season, most manufacturers' performance in the first quarter was flat, the growth rate is not too big.

    Automotive intelligence and electrification, PCB will obtain opportunity

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    The automotive industry has developed to the present and is inseparable from our lives. In recent years, the concepts of new energy vehicles and unmanned driving are hot, and the traditional automobile industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and electrification.

    Analysis of the reason why the pad is easy to fall off when the circuit board is soldered

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    During the soldering process of the circuit board, the pad peeling often occurs. Especially when the circuit board is reworked, when the soldering iron is used, the phenomenon of the pad falling off is very easy.

    Introduction to BGA Technology

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    The BGA technology research began in the 1960s and was first adopted by IBM in the United States, but it was not until the early 1990s that the BGA really entered the practical stage.

    What causes the print circuit board (PCB) trace open?

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    In the production process of the print circuit board, the circuit boards produced by various conditions often fail to meet the requirements. For example, print circuit board trace open is often encountered.

    How to solve the problem of Rigid-Flex PCB expansion and shrinkage?

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    The root cause of the expansion and shrinkage is determined by the characteristics of the material.