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    New trend of the PCBA turnkey manufacturing market

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    As a supplier of PCBA, it is responsible for providing full-process services from circuit board production, raw material procurement, SMT processing, testing, and assembly, etc., to save customers time, cycle, inventory and other costs.

    Chinese CCL production capacity increase recent years

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    China companies have started a number of new capacity construction projects, starting a new wave of production increases. Copper Clad Laminate Production Increasing Plan in China.

    solution to the 32.768kHz crystal oscillator cannot oscillate

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    crystal oscillators exist in almost all digital circuits. In daily use, the crystal oscillator may fail to oscillate, how to solve it?

    Challenge of energy conservation and environmental protection to the development of PCB

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    the development of PCB is not only challenged by its own cost-effectiveness issues, but also challenges from external energy conservation and environmental protection, especially the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of electronic product manufacturers and social requirements.

    Limata's innovative LUVIR technology

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    Limata's innovative LUVIR technology accelerates PCB solder mask mass production process, Innovative technology reduces the energy of UV light required for imaging

    Development prospect of LED plant lighting market

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    What is the development prospect of LED plant lighting market? In which direction will plant lighting develop? LED plant lighting will have more and greater potential for development.

    TPCA promotes PCB-ECI standardization

    Categories: PCB Industry News


    The Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) established in 2015, reference to SECS/GEM which has been in the semiconductor industry for many years as the basis for communication

    20H principle in PCB design

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    The adoption of 20H rule means to ensure that the edge of the power supply plane is at least 20 times the distance between the two planes than the edge of the 0V plane.