Rigid double side FR4 material pcb bare board
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4Layer PCB
TG≥135 degree
PCB thickness: 1.6mm
Green solder mask
White silkscreen
Surface treatment: ENIG
Min Line/space: 4/5mil
Min hole: 11.8mil

Company profile:

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Our SMT machines make it easy for us to place surface mount parts with great accuracy and quality. Our machine capabilities can handle 0402mm component sizes, Ball Grid Arrays and Micro Ball Grid Arrays with a ball pitch of 1mm to 3mm. Many of our Thru-Hole operations are automated through the use of robotic axial equipment. No project is too small or too large;

We have set a great example in the PCB field of flying probe testing, buried and blind via and special controlled impedance.With the continuous effort of the R&D, we have successfully established our reputation in mechanical micro via, high density impedance and HDI.