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2Layer PCB
PCB thickness: 0.15mm
Yellow coverlayer
Surface treatment: ENIG
Min Line/space: 4/4mil
Min hole: 0.1mm

Brand Name:SYSPCB

Leading Edge Production Capabilities


Single and Double-Sided Standard Flex

Reel-to-reel fabrication processing of single and double-sided standard flex circuitry

Wide technology range from screen printing to high density photo imaged flex circuitry

Vertical Integration strength on Flexible laminates and tapes, circuit fabrication, and component assembly

Multilayer and Air gapped Flex circuit up to 8 layers.

Rigid Flex up to 4 layers with high routing density


Flexible PCB Advantage

1. Excellent quality and reasonable price.

2. PCB with high quality. Strict test through AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), QA/QC, Flying Probe Test, E-test fixture

3. PCB with 10 years exporting experience as well as reputable after-sale services.


Flexible PCB Lead Time

It is a city close to Hong Kong with very convenient access of commercial traffic by air, sea and road plus logistics capabilities

Flexible PCB

Sample: Double-layer:3-5 days; Multi-layer: 5-10 days

Mass: Double-layer:8-12 days; Multi-layer: 12-20days