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1, Quantities from one to many thousands of PCB assemblies
2, High speed SMT and DIP assembly
3, Competitive price
With the production development, the small batch quantity of the product becomes more and more popular, SysPCB is focusing on this field. We offer contract electronic assembly for quantities of PCBs that start at just 1 piece.
This service will provide you with PCBA services for production including assessment of Gerber files and BOM file, looking for materials and inquiries and processing schedule, and finally you will get a quotation and delivery date for them.
We are capable of providing cost effective and high quality vertical manufacturing and flexibility of volume services.
Terms of Conditions:
You need to provide the following documents before we can proceed with the subsequent assessments:
A. If you need us to make PCB production, please provide Gerber file
B. If the material is to be purchased by us, please provide BOM file which may contain the contents below:
    Material name
    Material quantity
    The corresponding material part number on PCB board
    Material description: Type of material or other remarks, such as color, specification, etc.
    Material Link: the product page of material on websites such as mouser and digikey
C. If it is in need of SMT instead of manual welding, please provide the stencil file.
D. Bitmap file of the PCB board must be provided, that is, the mark of corresponding position of material part number.
Delivery time:
The delivery time mentioned here is an estimate under normal circumstances, for reference only.
PCB production: 5-7 working days
Material procurement: from inquiry to purchasing, 3-10 working days (If the material is out of stock, we will confirm with you for the specific time)
Stencil production: 2-3 working days
PCBA production: 8-10 working days after the material arrives