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6Layer PCB
TG≥170 degree
PCB thickness: 1.6mm
Black solder mask
White silkscreen
Surface treatment: ENIG
Min Line/space: 10/10mil
Min hole: 15.8mil

Brand name:SysPCB
Place of Original: Shenzhen China

1. Electronic circuit PCB,1-14 layer.
2. UL, SGS, RoHS certificated.
3. Competitive price, High quality.
4. Fast delivery, OEM service

We can do for you:
♦ 1~14 layer FR4 PCB,1~4 layer Flexible PCB.
♦ 1~6oz copper thickness.
♦ 0.2mm hole size.
♦ 3mil line width/space.
♦ PCB assemble service

PCB for electronic products:
Our PCBs are used for wide range of products, such as WIFI, medical device, Tablet, Smart phone, e-Reader, Power supply, GPS,UPS,LED lights etc.