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2 Layer RO4003C PCB
PCB thickness: 0.813mm
Copper thickness: 1OZ
Green solder mask
Surface treatment: OSP
Min Line/space: 8/12mil
Min hole: 11.8mil

Brand Name:SysPCB

Products Service:
1. The one-stop service of PCBA ,including the making of PCB + purchasing of components + the assembly of SMT
2. The copy of PCB and PCBA.
3. The final products of PCB prototype making is very short, just 3 day.
4. The testing service of PCBA
OEM/ODM Services for PCBA:
1. PCBA,PCB assembly: SMT&PTH&BGA
2. Components sourcing and purchasing
3. Quick prototyping
4. Final assembly
5. Electrical Test; AOI, In-Circuit Test(ICT),Functional Test(FCT)
6. Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting