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PCB thickness: 1.6mm
Black solder mask
White silkscreen
Surface treatment: HASL
Min Line/space: 15/25mil
Min hole: 118mil

Major Advantages

***Prompt response
1-2 hours prompt response for RFQs and order status checking.

***Reliable Quality
Complying with IPC class 2 standards. 100% electrical tested and visual inspected.

***Attractive Price
Minimize costs during production and charge low from customers.

***On time Delivery
On time delivery rate is over 95% in 2014

***Quick Lead time
2-8 days for 1layer, 3-12days for 2layer, 4-14days for 4 layer,5-16 days for 6 layer.

***Various Solution
Whatever kind of PCB you’re looking for, we can find a satisfactory solution for you.
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