Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Satisfying the requirements of advanced products, and offering hi-quality service;


Building up the conception of fabricating elaborate artwork, supplying hi-quality products;

Special type

Insisting on the orientation of special feature, meeting the new and special requirements.

PCB Fab Quality Control

Incoming Material Control

SysPCB ensures that incoming material quality is always top concern; it is the base of all the following process. We never compromise with substandard quality materials.

When purchasing materials for our boards, our IQC team carefully checks everything being sent to us. Meanwhile, we are careful to adhere to all the specifications you required, on top of those set by the regulating bodies we subscribe to.

We always honor the quality of our material and integrity of our services and products. We will not settle for less than excellence, and we are ready for your most rigorous requirements.

Below are the material suppliers we normally use. These are well-known raw material brand in PCB industry, who guarantees the steady product quality of SysPCB. We constantly pay attention to our long-term relationship establishment between raw material suppliers and SysPCB to assure the stability and Reliability of the top quality material supply. The friendly relationship leads to the mutual support and growing-up since our PCB business started.

In Process Control

At SYS technology, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the primary focus; every employee is aware and proud of his or her individual contributions to the overall effort to continually improve the levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Quality is considered in every stage in PCB fabrication from development through distribution.

At each stage of production, we conduct inspections of all PCBs. All the boards are quality-controlled as following rules.
1. Standard production PCB capability & quality is by IPC 6012 Class.2
2. UL 94V-0 Flammability rating
3. Outgoing Inspection: G-II A.Q.L 0.65%
4. A.O.I inspection for inner layers and outer layers
5. 100% electrical test
6. ISO9001:2015 & ISO14000

1. Design Rules Check (DRC)
The DRC is a quite important step and in-depth review of your production data in PCB manufacturing, which is carried out by our experienced CAM engineers with GENESIS software before production of your printed circuit board. A comprehensive Design Rule Check helps to identify many errors in advance, thus avoiding problems and complaints. We also do the PCB manufacturing rule check to make sure the PCB design is workable. If we find any errors we will get in contact with the customer.

2. Electrical Testing
The electrical testing (E-Test) for circuit boards is performed after manufacture. We use flying probe test for small volume and prototype PCB orders, but use E-Test fixtures to test production batch PCB orders. The tester will check for short circuits, open circuits and make sure the nets of the PCB we manufactured is the same as the nets in your design. PCB boards that are identified as defective are eliminated; defective PCB boards in panels are specially marked.

3. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
We use AOI to check the inner layers of multilayer PCB. This inspection is much more reliable and repeatable than manual visual inspection and it will guarantees the high reliability of multilayer circuit boards. AOI visually scans the surface of the PCB. The circuit board is lit by several light sources and observed by a scanner or by a number of high definition cameras. This enables the monitoring of all areas of the printed circuit board. AOI for a bare PCB board inspection will detect the features include:
•Line width violations
•Spacing violations
•Excess copper
•Missing pads
•Cut traces or pads
•Hole breakage.

4. X-Ray
Testing the layer offset with X-ray technology is very important in the manufacture of multilayer PCB. X-ray images are the best (and only) way to identify and correct layer displacements in the pressing process.

Drill holes in multilayer PCB are also optimized using X-ray images. Any minor deviations in the geometry of the circuit board image compared to the geometry of the drill hole coordinates will be identified. By changing a correction factor within a clearly defined tolerance range, it can be ensured that the optimum drill reference point will be determined for each axis, with an optimal interpolation for all layers. These corrections take place in the µm range!

5. ISO9001:2015 and UL certified
We're ISO 9001:2015 certified PCB manufacturer. Our quality control system records the customer requirements and creates a system for communicating with customers about product information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback and complaints. Moreover, our quality control system is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness.

Outgoing Quality Control

We refuse to compromise on our outgoing quality just like we make no compromises on our incoming material quality. Our product is your raw material; we believe a win-win relationship will last much longer. Our E-test dept. will make sure all the PCBs passed are out of open or short issues; Our professional FQC and OQA team will make sure the cosmetic of PCB is 100% perfect. Our labs will make sure other aspects of PCB. We know that our products are created with the best possible processes, and that everything we do conforms to the ISO bodies to which we subscribed.

SysPCB believes in making your products happen by providing you with quality service and the best possible product. We are proud to stand by our products, we are also proud to boast about our high ratio of repeat and loyal customers. When your customers stay with you, it is because you always choose perfect supplier for your products.

We invite you to rely on our service. We value the faith and trust of our customers above everything, and do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded. We have a proven track record of quality that we intend to maintain.

SMT Quality Control

SYS Technology takes the quality as the first consider to satisfy our customer all the time. We has developed a series of management procedures and approaches to assure the product delivery meets the customers' requirements through the whole product realization.

With a complete set of quality control system, supplier choosing, quality inspecting, time delivering and after-sale servicing are all taken seriously attention by our whole company.

Raw material inspection
Incoming Control IQC, all materials must be verified and approved before going to the warehouse. All PCBs must go through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the relative physical tests.

In processing controls of fabrication
Total equipment make the whole production process totally controlled. Various precise inspection equipments including the AOI inspection system as well as perfect WIP inspection instructions and control plan, all these guarantee that semi-products and final products, all reach the requirements of customers' spec.

Final control and inspection
Various testing method will be applied to the finished PCB assembly boards before the final shipment:
Visual inspection: general quality check.
X-Ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN and bare circuit boards.
AOI Testing: checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.
Functional test: Following your test procedures.

Outgoing Audit and Approval

Products must be approved before packing. Before delivered, 100% audit every shipment for the fabrication part number, customer's part number, quantity, destination address and packing list etc.

Quality Certifications

SysPCB strives to meet the highest standard of both quality and safety in all areas of our business and have an active initiative to ensure we obtain and maintain the latest levels of accreditation in the field of printed circuit board. Currently we have got the PCB certification for ISO9001:2015 (Download here) international quality system and USA UL safety, and we produce various types of PCB board and SMT products which comply with the European Union RoHS instructions requirements.