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PCBA product storage period

PCBA is a printed circuit board with various components soldered on the surface. Many people pay attention to the reliability of its long-term, high-frequency operation, and need to understand its shelf life. Generally, the PCBA storage period is 2-10 years.

Factors influencing the preservation cycle of PCBA finished boards


A humid and dusty environment is obviously not conducive to the preservation of PCBA. These factors will accelerate the oxidation and contamination of PCBA and shorten the shelf life of PCBA. Generally, it is recommended to store PCBA in a dry, dust-free space with a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

2.Reliability of components

The reliability of components on different PCBAs also determines the shelf life of PCBA to a large extent. Components with high-quality materials and processes have the ability to withstand harsh environments, with a wider range of capabilities and stronger oxidation resistance, which is also guarantee PCBA stability.

3.Material and surface treatment process of printed circuit board

The material of the printed circuit board itself is extremely unlikely to be affected by the environment, but its surface treatment process is greatly affected by air oxidation. Good surface treatment can extend the shelf life of PCBA.

4.PCBA board operating load

The operating load of PCBA is the most important factor in its shelf life. The operation of high frequency and high load will cause continuous and high impact on circuit board circuits and components. It is more susceptible to be oxidized when affected by heat, which will cause short circuit or open circuit during long-term operation. Therefore, the operating parameters of the PCBA board should preferably be in the middle value range of the components and avoid near the peak value, which can effectively protect the PCBA and extend its shelf life.

The shelf life of PCBA is a comprehensive work, which needs to follow scientific design specifications, production process specifications and operation specifications, so that its shelf life can be extended to the greatest extent.

How to extend the storage time of pcba

1. Good storage conditions: the temperature is less than 25 degrees, the relative humidity is less than 65%, with temperature control, and no corrosive gas in the indoor environment.

2. General storage conditions: the temperature is not higher than 35 degrees, the relative humidity is less than 75%, and the indoor environment is free of corrosive gas.

The temperature of the warehouse where PCBA is stored is best controlled at 23±3℃, 55±10%RH.

For PCBA boards that have not been used for a long time, the circuit board manufacturer is best to apply a layer of conformal coating on it. The role of the conformal coating can prevent moisture, dust and oxidation. Spraying conformal coating can extend the shelf life by about 9 months.