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DWDM technology

DWDM is an acronym for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. 

DWDM technology utilizes the bandwidth and low loss characteristics of single-mode fiber, uses multiple wavelengths as carriers, and allows each carrier channel to be transmitted simultaneously in the fiber. More precisely, DWDM is can combine a group of optical wavelengths and transmit using a single fiber. This is a laser technology used to increase bandwidth on existing fiber backbone networks. The technique is to multiplex the close spectral spacing of a single fiber carrier in a designated fiber in order to utilize the achievable transmission performance (for example, to achieve the smallest degree of dispersion or attenuation). In this way, under a given information transmission capacity, the total number of optical fibers required can be reduced.

Compared with the general single-channel system, DWDM not only greatly improves the communication capacity of the network system, but also makes full use of the bandwidth of the optical fiber, and it has many advantages such as simple expansion and reliable performance, especially it can be directly accessed multiple business makes its application prospects very bright.

Application of DWDM technology in power system

The advent of new communication equipment does not mean denial of the original equipment and technology, but rather inheritance, development and innovation. The 64k sub-rate—PDH—SDH—DWDM reflects and follows this principle. From the analysis of the current application status in the power system, DWDM technology level can not completely replace SDH, but it can cooperate with the SDH technology division and learn from each other, so that the power communication network can be optimized, the communication bandwidth can be comprehensively improved, and the security and stability of the network system can be ensured.

From the current DWDM equipment and technology, DWDM has a higher failure probability than SDH equipment, so it is unscientific to all adopt DWDM to transmit scheduling data.

But from another point of view, DWDM as the perfection and supplement of SDH, can completely provide a protection channel for scheduling data transmission. In addition, SDH network management data is based on packet transmission, most of which is Ethernet, so DWDM technology can provide a protection channel for SDH network management.

We can predict that the promotion and implementation of DWDM technology will provide strong support in high-definition videoconferencing, remote video surveillance, and NGN, increase the power communication bandwidth. Its biggest advantages are good performance and low price. Scientific and reasonable division of DWDM and SDH services can give full play to their respective advantages, reduce the pressure on network management, and improve the level of communication operation management.