ICT and FCT during PCBA manufacturing process
ICT and FCT during PCBA manufacturing process

ICT is a relatively simple simulation of PCBA. It is mainly used to check component failures and soldering failures. It is carried out during the process of board soldering. The problematic board (such as components wrong direction, short circuit etc.) is directly reworked on the soldering line.
ICT is an automatic online test equipment for PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) production, which is necessary for modern electronics companies. It was widely used, with high measurement accuracy, and clear instructions for detected problems. Even workers with low electronic skills can easily handle problematic PCBAs.
FCT is an electronic and electrical functional test, that is, after completing the ICT test steps, it is switched to the product power-on state to test the parameters of the product under normal working environment. The advantage of this is that you can directly see if the production is work or not.

FCT (Functional Test) refers to providing a simulated operating environment to the test target board (UUT: Unit Under Test) to make it work in various design states, so as to obtain the parameters of each state to verify the UUT function is good or bad. Simply speaking, it is after PCBA programmed, load the UUT with appropriate voltage and current, measure whether the output response is correct. Generally refers to the functional test of PCBA.
The difference is that ICT mainly detects whether the components of the circuit board are installed correctly, and if the parameter of test points are normal, while FCT mainly detects whether the function of the circuit board is normal.
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