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SMT offline programming software

SMT offline programming software is an auxiliary tool of offline programming software. Its function is to use ordinary computers and scanners to obtain coordinates from PCB images, and output coordinate text files to the programming software of the placement machine to enable users to complete most of the programming work offline.


It can greatly accelerate the speed of SMT programming and shorten the production line downtime. Such as component coordinate position, component database editing, production line mounting material allocation, feeder station location arrangement, material station table printing, programming, and corresponding operation instructions can be completed offline.

Three methods for coordinate acquisition

1. CAD: Can read various CAD coordinates (coordinates provided in POWERPCB, PROTEL, PADS).

2. PCB scanning: directly scan the picture with the scanner through the PCB board, and obtain the coordinate data from the picture.

3. GERBER: Read the GERBER files in RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats, and automatically extract the center coordinates of the components.

BOM function

Read BOMs in various formats, and automatically check, compare, and merge the correctness of BOM files.

Component database settings

Users can customize SMT machine name and parameters, component library.

Production line setup and balance

Multiple production lines can be defined. Each production line is composed of a combination of any model and number of machines. It is suitable for the diverse needs of production. The system automatically splits the entire board data to each machine on the production line and automatically achieves balance. Especially suitable for manufacturers with multiple models to make the machine's efficiency better. The system provides a variety of different balancing methods according to the type of machine and production line. The system automatically calculates the parameters of the equipment and the speed parameters of the materials. Realize the balance between the machines in the production line.

Program optimization

Provide optimization of turret high-speed machines (PANA, FUJI, SANYO, KME, etc.), greatly improving work efficiency.

Machine program generates output

Output programs that can be used by the machine. There is no need to consider the machine's coordinate system, and the program is output directly.

Program conversion

The system can realize the format conversion between different types of machine programs. The MARK and the patch in the program remain the same as the original data. Greatly reduces the production line transfer time.

Station table output

Provide station table printing function. The user can directly print the station location table (including: station location, Feeder model, material number, component specifications, usage, component location and other data in the system. We can customize the location table in various formats according to user requirements), the station table can be exported to a text file, edited in Excel and printed.

Supported models