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PCBA board cleaning precautions

PCBA boards cannot be cleaned at will, and strict requirements and precautions are required.

PCBA board cleaning purpose

The assembly of general electronic product PCBA is subject to SMT+THT process flow, which is subjected to wave soldering, reflow soldering, manual soldering and other soldering processes. No matter the way of soldering, assembly process is the main source of pollution. PCBA board cleaning is a dissolution and removal process of solder residue. The purpose of cleaning is to extend the life of the product in essence by ensuring good surface resistance and preventing leakage.

The necessity of PCBA board cleaning

The solder paste and flux will produce residual substances during PCBA processing. The residue contains various components: organic acids and decomposable ions, wherein the corrosion of the organic acid is relatively strong, and the residual electric ions on the pads may cause a short circuit, and these residues are dirty on the PCBA board and do not meet the customer's requirements for product cleanliness. Therefore, it is inevitable to clean the PCBA board.

PCBA board cleaning precautions

1. Timeliness, clean as soon as possible after soldering

After the PCB assembly, it should be cleaned as soon as possible (because the flux residue hardens over time and forms corrosives such as metal halides), completely removing residual flux, solder and other contaminants from the PCB.

2. Prevent cleaning agent from invading, baking and drying

When cleaning, prevent harmful cleaning agents from entering the components that are not completely sealed to avoid damage or potential damage to the components. After the PCBA board is cleaned, it is placed in an oven at 40-50°C, baked and dried for 20-30 minutes, and bare hand touch is not applied before the cleaning boards are not dried.

3. Cleaning can not damage the PCB board

Cleaning should not affect components, markings, solder joints, and PCB boards.

Thorough cleaning of the PCBA board is a very important and fine work that directly affects the working life and reliability of electronic products, also related to the environmental protection and human health. It is necessary to re-understand and solve the problem of solder cleaning from the perspective of the entire production process system. The implementation of the cleaning solution should be combined with the use of solder materials such as flux, solder paste, solder wire, etc., solvent, inorganic solvent, mixed solvent, and water wash or no-cleaning to match each other, in order to effectively remove the residue, so that the cleanliness of the PCBA board can better meet the requirements of customers and ensure the quality of the products.