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Introduction to ICT fixture

The ICT is the abbreviation of Integrated Circuit Tester, which is online detection and test fixture. It is a standard test equipment for testing the electrical performance and electrical connections of online components to check for manufacturing defects and component defects.


It is mainly used to check the single component of the line and the open and short circuit of each circuit network. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and rapid, accurate fault location, etc. The ICT fixture can perform analog device function and digital device logic function test. The coverage is high, and a special needle bed is required for each single board. This needle bed is called ICT fixture in industrial production.


ICT fixture has single-sided and double-sided. Use Acrylic & Bakelite & FR-4 material (or specified), directly use Gerber file processing to generate drilling files to ensure drilling accuracy. The test program is automatically generated to avoid the possibility of manual input errors. It is suitable for ICT models such as tri, jet, newsys, okano, tescon, takaya, gwposhell, src, concord, PTI816. The distance between the two measured points or the measured point and the center of the pre-drilled hole shall not be less than 0.050" (1.27mm). More than 0.100" (2.54mm) is preferred, followed by 0.075" (1.905mm). The test points of the fixture are also distributed as evenly as possible to ensure that the board is invariant after pressing, so as not to cause damage to the product.


The ICT fixture is capable of checking the electrical performance of the on-board components on the board and the connection of the circuit network. It can quantitatively measure devices such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystal oscillators, etc., and perform functional tests on diodes, transistors, transistors, transformers, relays, operational amplifiers, power modules, etc., and perform functional tests on small and medium-sized integrated circuits, such as all 74 series, Memory class, common driver class, switching class and other ICs.

ICT fixture find defects in manufacturing processes and component defects by directly testing the electrical performance of online devices. The component class can check for out-of-tolerance, failure or damage of component values, program errors in Memory class, and so on. For the process class, it can be found that such as solder short circuit, component insertion error, plugging reverse, missing loading, pin lifting, virtual soldering, PCB short circuit, disconnection and other faults. The faults of the test are directly located on specific components, device pins, and network points, and the fault location is accurate. No more professional knowledge is required for the repair of the fault. The program-controlled automated test is simple and quick to test. The test time of the board is usually from a few seconds to several tens of seconds.

On-line testing is usually the first test procedure in production, which can respond to manufacturing conditions in a timely manner, facilitating process improvement and improvement. The fault board tested by the ICT test fixture is easy to maintain due to fault location and can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Because of its specific test items, it is one of the important testing methods for modern large-scale production quality assurance.