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PGA package features

(1) The insertion and removal operation is more convenient and the reliability is high.

(2) Can adapt to higher frequencies.

At present, the packaging method of the CPU is basically a PGA package, and multi-layer square shaped pins are arranged under the chip, and each square shaped pin is arranged along a circumference of the chip at a certain distance. Its pins look like needles and are combined with the board by means of plug-ins. When installing, plug the chip into a dedicated PGA socket. The PGA package has the advantages of more convenient insertion and removal operation and high reliability, and the disadvantage is that the power consumption is large. Starting from the 486 chip, a CPU socket for ZIF (Zero Insertion Force Socket) is used to install and remove the CPU of the PGA package. By gently lifting the wrench on the socket, the CPU can be easily inserted into the socket. Then, the wrench is pressed back to the original position, and the pin of the CPU is firmly contacted with the socket by the pressing force generated by the special structure of the socket itself, and there is absolutely no problem of poor contact. To remove the CPU chip, simply lift the wrench of the socket gently, and the pressure is released, and the CPU chip can be easily removed.

The earlier 80486 and Pentium, Pentium Pro and other CPUs are all in PGA package.

PGA also derives a variety of packaging methods.

PGA (Pin Grid Array) package for Intel Pentium, Intel Pentium PRO and Cyrix/IBM 6x86 processors;

SPGA (Staggered Pin Grid Array) package for AMD K5 and Cyrix MII processors;

CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array) package for Intel Pentium MMX, AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6 III, VIA Cyrix III, Cyrix/IBM 6x86MX, IDT Win Chip C6 and IDT Win Chip 2 processors;

PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array) package for Intel Celeron processor (Socket 370);

FC-PGA (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array) package for Coppermine series Pentium III, Celeron II And Pentium4 processor.