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Surface mount type PGA

The PGA (pin grid array) is a plug-in package, and pins of the bottom are vertically arranged, the lead length is about 3.4mm. Most are ceramic PGA for high speed large scale logic LSI circuits, higher cost. The lead center distance is usually 2.54mm and the number of pins is from 64 to 447. In order to reduce the cost, the package substrate can be replaced with a glass epoxy printed substrate. There are also has 64 to 256-pin plastic PGA. In addition, there is a short lead surface mount PGA with a 1.27mm lead pin (butt-welding PGA). Mounting uses a method of butt-welding to PCB, and is therefore also referred to as a butt-welding PGA. Because the pin center distance is only 1.27mm, which is less than half of the plug-in type PGA, the package body can be made not very large, and the pin count is more than the plug-in type (250-528), which is a package for large-scale logic LSI. The packaged substrate has a multilayer ceramic substrate and a glass epoxy printing substrate. Packaging with a multilayer ceramic substrate has been put to practical use.