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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Circuit Boards

Ceramic circuit board introduction

The ceramic circuit board is a kind of thermally conductive organic ceramic circuit board which has a thermal conductivity of 9-20 W/m.k at a temperature lower than 250 ° C by using a thermally conductive ceramic powder and an organic binder.

Why use ceramic circuit boards?

Ceramic circuit boards are actually made of electronic ceramics and can be made into
various shapes. Among them, ceramic circuit boards have the most outstanding
characteristics of high temperature resistance and high electrical insulation performance, and have the advantages of low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and similar thermal expansion coefficient of components. Ceramic circuit boards are produced using LAM technology, a laser rapid activation metallization technology. Used in LED field, high power semiconductor module, semiconductor cooler, electronic heater, power control circuit, power mixing circuit, intelligent power component, high frequency switching power supply, solid state relay, automotive electronics, communication, aerospace and military electronics Component.

Advantages of ceramic circuit boards

1. Higher thermal conductivity

2. More matching coefficient of thermal expansion

3. Faster, lower resistance metal film layer

4. Good solderability of the CCL and high temperature

5. Good insulation

6. High frequency low loss

7. High density assembly

8. Free of organic ingredients, resistant to cosmic rays, high reliability in aerospace and long service life.

9. The copper layer contains no oxide layer and can be used for a long time in a reducing atmosphere.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Circuit Boards

1. Fragile: This is one of the main drawbacks, at present, only a small area of the board can be made.

2. The price is expensive: the requirements of electronic products are more and more, the ceramic circuit board is only satisfied to meet some of the more high-end products, the low-end products will not be used at all.