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How to deal the industrial solid waste in discarded printed circuit boards?

As the most active electronic component, the circuit board is included in almost all electronic products, especially in computers, large communication equipment, and military products. Therefore, the number of discarded circuit boards is directly proportional to the increasing amount of electronic waste. So how to deal the industrial solid waste in discarded printed circuit boards?

The discarded printed circuit boards are industrial solid waste. However, the metal content of the board is about 50%, only the copper content is at 20%, in addition, there are a small amount of precious metals and rare metals. The metal content in the discarded circuit board is converted according to the market price, and its value is considerable. 1 ton of gold ore contains more than 2 grams of gold then has a mining value. However, the value of 99.999% of gold in a 1 ton discarded circuit board is 80-1500 grams, compared with the value of traditional metal mining and processing, it is much easier to extract all kinds of rare metals from waste circuit boards than mining, so it is well-deserved to be called a “gold mine”.

In addition to containing a large amount of metal, the discarded circuit board also contains a large number of high molecular polymer materials directly or indirectly derived from petroleum products, which have high calorific value, and can be used to generate energy and produce related chemical products. Some foreign scientists have applied the pyrolysis method to study the feasibility of recovering organic and inorganic fillers in resin; Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute of China introduced a method of manufacturing qualified and safe PVC floor tiles by mixing non-metal in the circuit board and wood chips in a certain ratio. Therefore the potential value of a discarded circuit board is very high.