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Conformal coating painting process

In the previous article, we have already talked about why PCBA processing should be painted with conformal coating. In this article, we will talk about the use of conformal coating painting process, there are the following four:

Conformal coating is a specially formulated coating used to protect circuit boards and their associated equipment from the environment attack, thereby increasing and extending their useful life, ensuring safety and reliability.

1. Brushing - common use, can produce an excellent coating on a smooth surface.

2. Spraying - Spray cans are easy to use for repairs and small-scale production, the spray guns are suitable for large-scale production, but these two spray methods require high accuracy and may create shadows ( The lower part of the component is not covered with conformal coating).

3. Automatic dip coating - dip coating ensures complete coating without material waste due to overspray.

4. Selective coating - accurate coating and no waste of material, suitable for large-volume coating, but high requirements for coating equipment. Use a well-prepared XY table to reduce cloaking. When the PCB is painted, there are many connectors that do not need to be painted. The adhesive tape is too slow and there is too much residual glue when tearing. Consider the shape, size and position of the connector to make a combined cover and position it with the mounting hole. Cover the parts that are not painted.