Kitted PCB assembly service By SYS Tech
Kitted PCB assembly service By SYS Tech

As a professional PCB and PCBA maker in Shenzhen China, kitted assembly is also one of the services we provide. In this service, the client provides the PCBs and components, SYS Tech places them on the PCB and ships them to the designated location as per the client’s requirements.
A client can obtain a quote for a kitted PCB assembly order in the following manner:
I. You can send email to company email address,, .
II. Telephone Quotes: You can get in touch with us by phone, +86-755-32875308.
III. Contact sales representative directly if you already in contact with them.
Files need for manufacturing PCBA, to complete a kitted PCB assembly order, our manufacturing engineers need the following design files: Gerber file, Bill of Materials (in excel or PDF), pick&place file
1. Gerber files: The topside and reverse side silk-screens, as well as the solder paste and copper layers are required. You can also send other Gerber files as necessary.
2. Bill of Materials (BOM): The Bill of Materials needs to include the following parameters:
a. Number of components for every part
b. Reference-Designator
c. Component Order Number (Manufacturer, Mouser, Newark, Element14, Mouser, etc.)
d. Description of every component
e. IC package nomenclature (DIP, SOIC, 0603, QFN, etc. is preferred yet optional)
f. Type (Surface Mount, Through-Hole, Fine Pitch, BGA or other)
The BOM can be sent in a common format (i.e., .xls). Verify the "Type” is the right value. For parts that should not assemble on the board, mark the BOM with “DNP,” which means do-not-populate.
3. Pick&place file or coordinates: The component placement coordinates, rotation amount and reference-designators should be included in this file.
For packages that contain parts from more than one order, please put them in one bag and indicate which orders they go to. Place all components and/or circuit boards in the anti-static and moisture-resistant packages for which they were shipped in. Avoid taping the parts to one another.