Three ways to reduce NRE cost, Shenzhen China PCB maker
Three ways to reduce NRE cost

Three ways to reduce NRE cost
NRE cost is a non-recyclable fee for the quoting provider. For example, SysPCB developed a real bed online test fixture specifically for the customer's PCBA testing. This fixture is only for the customer's product, can not be used on other PCBA. Then it means that expenses are not reusable and recyclable.
Minimizing NRE through Order Quantity
The best way to reduce NRE is to increase the quantity of your orders, the more quantity ordered, the less NRE if cost divided by each PCBA. For example, if NRE is $100, you order 2pcs, then each pcs PCBA NRE is $50, if order 10pcs, each pcs PCBA NRE is $10.
Minimizing NRE through Repeated Orders
The stencils and programming files that were used in the production of turnkey PCB assembly projects, meaning that NRE cost will be reduced for future production runs. Some NRE cost will remain to account for assembly setup and electrical testing time, but Shenzhen PCB assembler SysPCB will offer a substantial discount if we already have the stencils and programming files on hand for your design. Even in the case where a component has changed since your last run, we will work with you to reduce your NRE cost as much as possible.
Minimizing NRE through Physical Dimensions & Number of Layers
The last one, although effect is not good as above two methods, also will increase the difficulty of PCB layout, but it is still a way. That is reduce PCB size and layout count. Creating stencils or test fixture for PCBs that are physically larger, or incorporate a greater number of layers, will of course require increases in both efforts expended and material consumed. Quite simply, if your aim is to reduce NRE cost, you should design for a physically small PCB, and you should only incorporate multiple layers if absolutely necessary.