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BGA chips pre-baking before SMT

After IC chips such as BGAs, QFPs etc. be affected by moisture, they can easily cause defects in PCB SMT production line. This is mainly because the surface of the component pins will be wet and oxidized after being exposed to moisture, when the components are wet during the reflow soldering, under high temperature the chip ICs pins may be soldered poorly.

Why bake chips?
The role of baking: IC chip baking is use the principle of water in the heating status gradually evaporating, through the heating of the chip to carry out the moisture from chip. The baking of the chip can quickly remove the moisture inside the chip to ensure that the chip is dry before going through SMT, thereby avoiding the defects (short, open, poor soldering) caused by moisture in the subsequent process.
Baking steps and temperature setting
1. First, turn on the oven power and preheat the oven. The preheating temperature is set to 80°C (under normal circumstances, use 80°C, under special circumstances, can use 100°C).
2. When the temperature of the oven is preheated to 80°C, tear the plastic bag of the packaged chip, put QFN chip, BGA chip etc. into oven to bake. After the oven is full, close the oven door, start baking and timing.
3. According to the standard requirements set the oven temperature 80 °C ± 10 °C, baking time 2H-4H.
4. During the baking process, there must be worker check the operating conditions of the oven regularly, especially the temperature, ventilation equipment and indicator lights.
5. After baking for a specified time, open the oven and check the IC chip. Check if the BGA chip is baked out, after confirming OK, take out the chip from the oven.
6. After baking, turn off the oven power switch.
Important notes:
1. Before the chip loaded for baking, the oven must be preheated to the specified temperature
2. Under normal circumstances, before take IC out of the oven, IC must be baked until the specified time
3. Do not damage the chip while baking.
4. Do not put flammable materials such as cardboard or paper into oven. Baking time and temperature must be controlled and recorded.