Chip and SOP components repair-Shenzhen PCBA factory
Chip and SOP components repair

The repair method for Chip components is as follows:
1. Applying solder flux
2. Heated solder joints
3. Pick up components
4. Cleaning pad
5. Re-soldering the components
The SOP components repair method is as follows:
1. Apply solder flux to all solder joints on both sides of the SOP IC using fine-tipped brush.
2. Heat all pin solder joints on both sides of the device simultaneously using horseshoe type soldering iron tip.
3. After the solder joint is completely melted (several seconds), pick the components away from the pad quickly by tweezers.
4. Clean the solder on the pads and components pins with a common soldering iron,level the soldering PAD, re-shape and pins.
5. Hold the components with tweezers, align the pin and the pad, pay attention to the polarity and direction at mean time, place the SOP components on the corresponding pad, and use the soldering iron to solder 1-2 pins of IC diagonally.
6. Apply flux, slowly dragging the soldering iron from the first pin to last pin, using 0.5-0.8mm diameter soldering wire when necessary, till all the pins on both sides of the device soldered.
7. Checking the quality of soldering and testing function of PCBA production.